Protect Your Pets with Jernigan Nutraceuticals pt.II

“I am so grateful for the Jernigan line of nutraceuticals! They have helped to cure me, my husband, our cats, and our chickens of all sorts of ailments and I always keep a good supply on hand of everything “just in case.”
I’m forever thankful to the Jernigan family for giving to the world such wonderful inspiration and products. While I’m blessed to be free of LS (it seems like a lifetime ago), to have helped a little girl be free of the same disease, and hopefully more people with my book (in print sometime in 2014), what I feel most proud of is using the Jernigan nutraceuticals to cure my 5 chickens of Marek’s Disease, which is caused by several strains of the Herpes Virus. Everything I’d read about the disease claims it is “incurable” (the name they give every ailment that conventional medicine can’t cure and conventional doctors don’t have a clue), and that 99.9% of the infected will die. I’ve read about other people whose chickens have survived Marek’s and they have to keep them quarantined for life because “they will always have the virus” and that the survivors are referred to as “special needs” chickens because they are either blind or unable to walk properly due to the disease. My 5 Marek’s Disease survivors are a daily reminder of the power of the body, the power of God, the power of nature, and the power of the Jernigan nutraceuticals because (1) they no longer are carriers of the virus, and (2) to look at them now you’d never know they’d been so ill. They are 100% recovered, fully functional, and healthy. They are my pride and joy and watching them do their “chicken thing” while remembering how they’d been so afflicted, how they struggled to survive, and their recovery amazes me daily. Often I cry just watching them being normal healthy chickens.”

-Ginny C.

Jernigan Nutraceuticals


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