Oil Pulling: Teeth and Beyond!

Oil pulling is a very simple and inexpensive, yet highly effective, therapy that gets really quite remarkable results. We generally use unrefined coconut oil, but sesame oil, olive oil, and sunflower seed oil have been shown to be beneficial as well. Not only does it promote oral health by killing bacteria and whitening the teeth, but it also has been shown to improve the lymphatic system, relieve migraine headaches, reduce inflammation from arthritis, reduce a hangover after too much alcohol consumption, alleviate allergies, detoxify the body from harmful metals and organisms, to name a few. “Nonsense! How in the world could swishing oil around in your mouth have an effect on the rest of my body?” Well I’m glad you asked… Here’s a little-known fact for you: Each of your teeth, as well as many areas of the tongue, are “connected” to various organs, tissues, glands, etc in other areas of your body via energy highways called “meridians.” Click here to view an interactive meridian tooth chart from the pros! This being the case, if there are harmful toxins or infections in your mouth that are affecting a tooth, the organ/gland/etc Meridian Tooth Chart 1is going to be effected as well. Still feeling a bit skeptical? Toothbody.com describes this concept in fuller detail. There’s a good chance Oilpulling.com can also answer some of your questions.


How to do Oil Pulling:

Step One: In the morning before you eat anything, pour 1 tablespoon of oil into your mouth

Step Two: Gently swish the oil around all over your mouth. Around your tongue, through your teeth, everywhere, but NO GARGLING. Do this for 20 minutes.

Step Three: Spit the oil out preferably in a little baggy or a toilet since the oil will be now full of harmful toxins. Then rinse with salt water to get a complete rinse and to remove any remaining toxins. You CAN use normal table salt, but we really recommend using sea salt. View a more detailed description of the steps at oilpulling.com. Your teeth could be making you sick! Fix that with oil pulling.

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