Dangers of Perfume

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Sweet Poison: What Your Nose Can’t Tell You About The Dangers of Perfume

By Andrea DesJardins

Health & Environment Resource Center is pleased to present “Sweet Poison: What Your Nose Can’t Tell You About the Dangers of Perfume.” The information provided in this document is intended to introduce the reader to human health issues related to the widespread use of fragrance products.

Culturally, Americans are enamored with fragrances, whereas our European counterparts are not. Not only are many of the products we use scented, but many products also have a Perfume 1number of scents from which to choose. Thus, not only can you buy a certain product, but you can choose between ‘spring fresh,’ ‘mountain fresh,’ or ‘lemon scented’ versions of that product.

Americans also love to wear fragrances. This love of fragrance has allowed advertisers to reach their audience by linking fragrance with a desired quality such as ‘sexiness,’ or…

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. ma says:

    but this doesn’t explain the hazards of perfume…only how much you like it in the USA…or have i missed something? am looking for a rationale to dissuade my daughter from using perfume…i think its anti-social!

    1. docsara says:

      Hello, Ma.
      Thanks for your inquiry! I think if you click “view original” at the end of the blog post, you will find more of what you are looking for because it will take you to see the rest of the document, which elaborates more on the toxic chemicals in perfumes and the symptoms they may cause. Please let me know if you have any further questions.
      Warmest regards.

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