NASTY. Lyme’s Secret Weapon

As you may well know, Lyme Disease is never just one sort of problematic bacteria, or a single stubborn virus, etc. It’s a complex mixture of harmful and uniquely clever organisms that wreak havoc in the body and create pro-

blems collectively labeled as “Lyme Disease.” Bearing this in mind, when addressing this dynamically disastrous illness, it is absolutely vital that your counterattack is equally dynamic. A piece of the puzzle that many people don’t often consider is the parasitic aspect of Lyme. Treating everything else, but not the parasites involved could potentially halt any sort of progress. Parasites eat the Lyme bacteria and viruses then they die and release the bacteria and virus back into the body’s and now your body has to start all over trying to kill these critters. Therefore, it is best to get rid of the parasites as well.

“The most common things people contract early on in the course if the illness are different forms of parasites, such as protozoa; Babesia itself being one of them…
There is a new one, called FL1953… It’s a protozoan organism that’s causing severe fatigue and illness in chronically ill people. It’s almost always present in a patient with Lyme disease.
And then we find a lot of worms in people. They may be microscopic and they may be macroscopic. That means they may be visible in the stool or they may not be visible.”
-Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD

Listen to Dr. Mercola’s Interview with Dr. Klinghardt on Lyme
YouTube Video on Lyme Babesiosis Parasite

Going on a Missions Trip Where Parasites can make your trip miserable?
Read this article by Dr. Sara Jernigan
Active Ingredient: Pomiferin™Paragen 2





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Paragen Testimony

“Dear Sir, We have contacted you in the past for medicine for our youth group (TLC from Meade) going to Ecuador. We are again planning a trip with high school kids to Ecuador. We will be ministering to children in the jungle by holding 2 Bible schools. They consider it high jungle. They have said there are no mosquitos because of the elevation. In the past we have
Picture sent by a customer of the worms their body got rid of after taking Paragen™
taken paragen for the whole team and given one squirt daily to everyone. We have kept eveyone well andfeel like this makes a difference. We hear of many other teams that have gotten sick while there. I think in the past we have used about 15 small bottles of paragen and would like that again. Let me know if you think this will be enough or if we need more of something. Thanks so much for all your help.”
-Michelle, Protection, Kansas

Mission Trips

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