Bitten? 4 Steps to Help Prevent Lyme: Part 2

When you have been bitten by an insect that could have infected you with lyme, it is so important that you act quickly and cover all your bases. Lyme is a very dynamic disease, and so also must your counterattack be. Since you are AWARE that infection is quite likely and can come from a variety of things, the second step to helping your body keep lyme at bay is that you have got to ATTACK it before it attacks you.

The Plan of Attack:

  1. Apply a poultice at the location of the bite.

    Poultices are rather “folksy” sounding, but simple as they are, it’s an easy way to hopefully extract toxins from the bite site Plan-Of-Attackusing things you could already have around the house, allowing you to take immediate action. There are all sorts of poultices you can do.

    A few options we like are:

    a) A Lymogen and baking soda poultice. Very simple and most households already have baking soda on hand. For that matter, if you happen to already have Borrelogen and/or Microbojen on hand, those would work too instead of Lymogen.
    b) A Lymogen and activated charcoal poultice. Activated charcoal is effective in this situation, as it is said to reduce absorption of poisonous substances by 60%. Get some here.
    c) Both! Alternating the poultice you use every 3 hours or so could be beneficial.
    d) Read more options here!

    Use Lymogen instead of water because it was designed to help the body heal itself due to the Bartonella bacteria as well as all of the various U.S. and European strains of Lyme Borrelia, and all the normal Lyme co-infections.


    1. Make a thick paste with the powder or charcoal and JN remedy (i.e. Lymogen, Microbojen, etc).
    2. Apply directly to the wound or place between two layers of cloth and apply the cloth to the wound (depending on the cloth and the wound). Leave for 20 minutes to 3 hours as needed and repeat as necessary.
  2. Take Lymogen internally.

  3. Take Allermac internally and apply externally at bite site for the allergic reaction.

Lymogen Testimony:
Dear Dr. Sara, I wanted to share my professional and personal experience with Lymogen. My son was bitten by an insect on his neck which welted up painfully and was slow to heal. Two weeks later he developed malaise and body ache with very high fevers. Not remembering the bite I treated him with what I had on hand suspecting flu, Virogen. He also took epsom salt baths with hydrogen peroxide every night. Over three days he didn’t respond much. On morning of fourth day he awoke with the telltale sign of borreliosis, the bull’s eye rash over the bite site. I started him immediately on Lymogen and Neuro Antitoxic Musculoskeletal. By the time I got him to the pediatric’s office less than 30 hours later, he was 50% improved. In three more days he had resolved his most acute symptoms. One week later he was back running around as usual. He continued with Lymogen for 2 more weeks. Most impressive response!! Second experience is with a patient who had had history of Lyme and was in remission. He was bit by a deer tick 3 weeks ago and was unable to get in for a treatment but was complaining of acute weakness and malaise. I had run into a family member who told me how ashen he looked. I gave them a bottle of Lymogen as it was all I had and told them to have him take a dropperful 3x daily. I just saw his mother-in-law today who told me he was back to himself after a week on this incredible formula. What a quick turn around!!
Dr. Joann M

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