Bitten? 4 Steps to Help Prevent Lyme: Part 4

You’ve diligently built up your body’s defenses and detoxed to get anything potentially harmful out. The 4th step in the prevention of developing lyme disease after getting bitten by a likely lyme courier is to repeat and observe. Consistency is key here. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for several days and weeks after the bite. In addition to that, it is vital that you be on the lookout for symptoms as the days or weeks go by. Lyme disease is no joke and is very tricky to get under control. The longer it goes unnoticed or untreated, the more difficult it’s going to be to get rid of and the more havoc it will wreak on a body. So without living in fear of lyme, just be paying attention to how your body acts and keep helping your body
defend itself with powerful remedies, therapies, and detoxification processes.

Keep a Good Lookout:Jouranalling

  • I highly recommend filling out this
    Lyme-MSIDS Questionnaire by Dr. Horowitz to help determine if you’ve developed lyme disease or not.
  • Keep a journal of anything you notice that is different from how your body usually acts.

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