4 Easy Steps to Extracting Bug Venom

Insect bites and stings are something that everyone has to deal with at one point or another no matter how much one sticks to the indoors. The results range from annoying, to painful, to dangerous. Whether it’s a mosquito, tick, spider, or bee, the problems aren’t caused by the bite or sting itself, but by…

Relief: Teething to Toxins

Whether it’s teething babies, sports injuries, toxins, or poison ivy rashes, put Silphitrin to the test and feel it work its magic. Hear what Dr. Sara has to say about this completely natural, multi-purpose remedy: Visit our website to order! LIKE us on Facebook!

Doc Sara on Viruses and Virogen

Herpes, hepatits, colds… VIRUSES– Recovery is not as impossible as it may seem with this little-known tool. Interested? Click here!   Visit jnutra.com to order you own virus combatant!


If you have an essential oil on hand, use it to rub your feet. If you don’t have an essential oil, you can use olive oil, or no oil at all for that matter. Besides being relaxing, this simple action can be an extremely useful and beneficial tool. “Seriously? I always enjoy a good foot…