Pretty Hair, Poisoned Head

Hair dye is loaded with toxic chemicals that your skin is going to absorb every time you color it. Here’s how to avoid symptoms that could range from headaches to cancer… Source: Pretty Hair, Poisoned Head

R2L– Critical Protection

Erchonia is extremely excited to unveil [their] newest scientifically proven technology, the R2L (Radiation To Light) cell phone radiation protector. After seven years of engineering we have created a wafer thin stick-on that fits any Smart phone and SARS tested to demonstrate that it reduces radiation exposure up to 70%! As you know cell phones are a necessity in…

Why Don’t I Feel Better???

Trying everything, but STILL stuck with symptoms? This could be why. (Information on therapies listed in this video down below). Remedies mentioned in video available at “When you look at the fact that you’ve got a lot of chronic infections driving inflammation, and inflammation is the number one cause of most chronic diseases that we…

4 Easy Steps to Extracting Bug Venom

Insect bites and stings are something that everyone has to deal with at one point or another no matter how much one sticks to the indoors. The results range from annoying, to painful, to dangerous. Whether it’s a mosquito, tick, spider, or bee, the problems aren’t caused by the bite or sting itself, but by…

Relief: Teething to Toxins

Whether it’s teething babies, sports injuries, toxins, or poison ivy rashes, put Silphitrin to the test and feel it work its magic. Hear what Dr. Sara has to say about this completely natural, multi-purpose remedy: Visit our website to order! LIKE us on Facebook!

Doc Sara on Viruses and Virogen

Herpes, hepatits, colds… VIRUSES– Recovery is not as impossible as it may seem with this little-known tool. Interested? Click here! Visit to order you own virus combatant!

Strengthening/Nutritive Bath

This bath is especially helpful for individuals with low vitality, low body temperature, and low reactivity. It is a great solution to try for people who are being hindered by poor, slow, or no results from their properly applied healing efforts. Often times what happens is that we put so much intensive effort into detoxifying…


Progress doesn’t always have to be complicated. Here’s a tool that requires nothing but the air in your lungs. Did you know that many Americans would be classified as “shallow breathers”? Sounds like no big deal until you think about how one of the blood’s major functions is supplying over 50 trillion cells with oxygen….