Relief: Teething to Toxins

Whether it’s teething babies, sports injuries, toxins, or poison ivy rashes, put Silphitrin to the test and feel it work its magic. Hear what Dr. Sara has to say about this completely natural, multi-purpose remedy: Visit our website to order! LIKE us on Facebook!

Doc Sara on Viruses and Virogen

Herpes, hepatits, colds… VIRUSES– Recovery is not as impossible as it may seem with this little-known tool. Interested? Click here!   Visit to order you own virus combatant!

Strengthening/Nutritive Bath

This bath is especially helpful for individuals with low vitality, low body temperature, and low reactivity. It is a great solution to try for people who are being hindered by poor, slow, or no results from their properly applied healing efforts. Often times what happens is that we put so much intensive effort into detoxifying…


Progress doesn’t always have to be complicated. Here’s a tool that requires nothing but the air in your lungs. Did you know that many Americans would be classified as “shallow breathers”? Sounds like no big deal until you think about how one of the blood’s major functions is supplying over 50 trillion cells with oxygen….

Success! Won’t You Join Us?

Have some encouragement for your healing-at-home journey! “Hi Dr. Jernigan, I saw your post about microbogen for the flu and I wanted to share with you. Last week, I began to get a very bad cough and fatigue,fever, chills and body ache. I took an epson salt/hydroen peroxide bath, put some essential oils on the…

The eyes are the windows to the… skin???

Here’s a little known fact for you: If you look very closely at the iris (the colored part) of your eyes, you can actually gauge how well your skin is eliminating toxins. Do you see a darker ring around the outermost edge of the iris? That’s called a scurf mark, which isn’t a disease of…

Dangers of Perfume

Originally posted on Dr. Johnson's Core Nutrition:
Sweet Poison: What Your Nose Can’t Tell You About The Dangers of Perfume By Andrea DesJardins Health & Environment Resource Center is pleased to present “Sweet Poison: What Your Nose Can’t Tell You About the Dangers of Perfume.” The information provided in this document is intended to…