Why Don’t I Feel Better???

Trying everything, but STILL stuck with symptoms? This could be why. (Information on therapies listed in this video down below). Remedies mentioned in video available at Jnutra.com. “When you look at the fact that you’ve got a lot of chronic infections driving inflammation, and inflammation is the number one cause of most chronic diseases that we…

NASTY. Lyme’s Secret Weapon

As you may well know, Lyme Disease is never just one sort of problematic bacteria, or a single stubborn virus, etc. It’s a complex mixture of harmful and uniquely clever organisms that wreak havoc in the body and create pro- blems collectively labeled as “Lyme Disease.” Bearing this in mind, when addressing this dynamically disastrous…

6 Ways to Help your Body Heal from BIOTOXINS

“Dr. Wayne Anderson has found that exposure to Lyme disease can make one more susceptible to mold illness, and vice versa; exposure to mold can make one more susceptible to Lyme disease. Both have the potential to affect the immune system and make the other more difficult to treat. Dr. Neil Nathan has found mold toxicity to be a big piece of the puzzle in a very significant portion of patients with chronic Lyme disease. Lisa Nagy, MD, has suggested that many Lyme patients have a damaged immune system resulting from mold or pesticide exposures and that a focus on Lyme and co-infections may not always be the right focus.”

By Scott Forsgren with Neil Nathan, MD, and Wayne Anderson, ND